It is time to add more content to this portal

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It is time to add more content to this portal

Postby subu » Sat May 12, 2012 9:56 am

To the Webmaster

The genius of the webmaster created a portal which empowered the telugu writers around the world to express their writing in a form which is made very easy.

The intellect webmaster had a good login procedure to entertain only acceptable postings. Also the Moderators and Webmasters who are professionals and unbiased people can disable if any unlikely posting enters the portal. They are smart enough to curtail any spams that may enter.

It is the same people post and comment again and again and may after a time be boring and predictable. ( I speak to myself ). So for a successive effort of the webmasters
the content should be increased. The choice of the subjects is left to the moderators.

It is time to add more content to this portal.

1) So to do this I request my good friend Satya Nemana garu ( a webmaster ) who has large database of telugu people in NJ and he would be glad to spread the word in his many websites he supports.

2) I along with many other locals will earnestly request TLCA to send an email to all the telugus in their database about this great website to express their telugu writings

3) I will also send an email to SiliconAndhra which has a large telugu database, like wise the other members can do the same.

4) Also all members can spread the existing of this portal through their contacts

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